5:30 Music Ministry

  • The Saturday Evening Mass Musicians and Singers work to spread the Gospel and help the Assembly find its Voice in Praise and Fellowship.  Our creative intention is to make the playing and singing of traditional and contemporary hymns a relevant, prayerful expression of a joyous and thankful Body of Christ!

    We continue to invite all Youth of the Parish (ages 14 and up) to join - if you play an instrument or would like to sing - contact Joe by phone or by email to jadamski@psitekllc.com
  • photos from the 5:30 mass

  • Here are recordings of hymns to be sung at the 5:30 Saturday Evening Mass - some performed by the original artists.   Have a listen!   If you'd like to sing along and learn with us, rehearsal starts at 4:45 or so on Saturday afternoon before the 5:30 service...

    BTW - BB is Breaking Bread Hymn Book, NTY is Never Too Young Hymn Book, VAO is Voices As One

    Pray for Peace!

    - Joe    

    Vigil of the
    Fifth Sunday of Lent

  • Gathering Hymn: 

  • Sign of Peace: God With Us

  • Responsorial Psalm 130 

  • Preparation of the Gifts

  • Communion Processional

  • Sending FortH

  • Saturday Evening Mass Musicians and Singers:

    The Group Today: 
                Joe - keyboard, guitar, tenor vocalist
             Brian - bass, 6 and 12 string guitar
          Joseph - cajon and percussion
           James - tenor vocalist
           Cheryl - music liturgist/soprano vocalist
         Jennifer - soprano vocalist
            James - tenor vocalist
        Julianna  - greeting ministry, music delivery, roadie

    The Good Lord has blessed the Church with wonderful talent; here is partial list of singers and players that have served...if I've forgotten any, I'm sincerely sorry; please send me an email... :-)

    Clarice Gotta - soprano vocalist
    Alex Tuason - bass guitar and tenor vocalist
    Ray Larson - guitar, mandolin
    Daniel Sauceda - bass guitar, flute, tenor vocalist
    Ying Bo Liu - tenor vocalist
    Josh Cooper - flute
    Maricela Hernandez - soprano vocalist
    Cathy Harris - soprano vocalist
    Anthony Alonso - tenor vocalist
    Sheena Glaser - flute, soprano vocalist
    Jihan Cazares - soprano vocalist
    Calvin Evangelista - bass guitar
    Michelle Evangelista - soprano vocalist
    Loren DiPeppe - soprano vocalist, trumpet, drums
    Daritsa - soprano vocalist
    Kayla Glaser - soprano vocalist
    Sarah Adamski - soprano vocalist
    Matthew Adamski - bass guitar
    Martin Gaytan - drums and tenor vocalist
    Ariana Reyes - soprano vocalist
    Venie Fernandez - bass and 12 string guitar and alto vocalist
    Becky and Becka Sauceda - soprano vocalist
    Dom DiPeppe - trumpet, tenor vocalist
    Erica V - alto vocalist
    Nancy Sheehan - alto vocalist
    James Ballard - tenor vocalist