Liturgy Committee

  • Liturgy of the Hours

    This ancient form of prayer (service to God given in prayer) refers to the times of prayer for each day. This pattern of prayer, based on the Psalms, was traditionally celebrated by the whole Christian community. In later years, it evolved into the private prayer of the clergy.  The second Vatican Council revised the Office to once again become the prayer of the people, the whole church.

    Liturgy of the Hours Evening Prayer/Vespers is celebrated every Sunday afternoon at 4:45pm.  Worship aids are provided.  If you have never experienced this beautiful form of prayer, these 30-40 minutes will enrich your spiritual life! 
  • Liturgy Committee Mission

    The Liturgy Committee is made from members of each Parish ministry, meeting monthly to prepare liturgical celebrations.  Liturgy planning and preparation not only ensures we have a beautiful church environment, the appropriate number of Eucharistic ministers, sacristans, ushers, lectors and choir - it is about shaping our communal faith experiences by addressing these questions:
    • Do our liturgical celebrations draw us deeper into a relationship with God and one another?
    • Do they serve the entire Annunciation community?
    • Are the young and aged, singles and families, those fluent in languages other than English enabled to experience the liturgy in a communal way?
    • Do our liturgical celebrations send us back out into our worlds renewed and invigorated, prepared and ready to extend the love and peace of Christ to all those we meet daily?

    Liturgical planning is a collaboration between members of our own community who bring their lives of faith to the planning process. We recently had the benefit of hearing from several individuals who were interested in expressing their thoughts and faith experience, participate in the meetings, and., as a result, some wonderful ideas came to
    the surface for discussion.

    If you have been looking for an opportunity to be more involved in parish life, but have time constraints, please consider this. If you can spare 90 minutes one evening per month, we would like to extend an invitation to join the Liturgy Committee. We are looking for representatives from each of the Saturday and Sunday assemblies to be a part of the planning process.

    Please call Francine Moore at 626-930-0448 or email her at if you would like to attend.
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